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Justice Scales

ABA Study Finds Attorneys with Disabilities or in the LGBTQ+ Community Face Prevalent Discrimination

Discrimination can take many forms, and target many different kinds of minorities. Until now, most studies of discrimination within the legal community have focused on traits you can see: race, gender, age, etc. Now a recent study has looked into the… Read More
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Woden judge mallet on lgbt flag

Supreme Court Extends Civil Rights Protections to LGBTQ Employees

Can you be fired from your job for coming out as gay or transgender? Not anymore. In a landmark case, the Supreme Court has extended Title VII civil rights protections to LGBTQ employees nationwide. The opinion, written by Trump appointee, Justice Ne… Read More
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$90,000 Settlement Shows Discrimination in the Workplace Against HIV Positive Employees

Can you be denied a job because you are HIV positive? Many LGBTQ+ employees and others who live with this diagnosis worry any time an employer requires a medical check. But a recent settlement shows that HIV discrimination is illegal under the Americ… Read More
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Jacksonville Reinstates Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination Ordinance after Courts Struck It Down

Cities all across America have passed anti-LGBTQ discrimination ordinances to protect their residents from hate. But these ordinances often face stiff opposition and even lawsuits from right-wing advocacy groups like Liberty Counsel. Find out what ha… Read More
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bulletin board with pronouns written on colorful paper

Are Misgendered Pronouns Gender Discrimination at Work?

For transgender and nonbinary workers, a supervisor using the right name and pronoun can be a sign of affirmation and respect. But what if coworkers or supervisors refuse to refer to you in your preferred way? Are misgendered pronouns gender discrimi… Read More
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EEOC Swears in Sharon Gus…

EEOC Swears in Sharon Gustafson General Counsel, First Woman to Do So

After nearly 3 years without a head attorney, the EEOC has finally sworn in Sharon Gustafson as its new General Counsel. Will the first woman to hold the seat mean stronger protections for women facing gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and pr… Read More
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SCOTUS Hears Transgender…

SCOTUS Hears Transgender and Sexual Orientation Discrimination Cases

All eyes turned to the U.S. Supreme Court on October 8, 2019, as the Justices heard oral arguments in three transgender and sexual orientation discrimination cases. Find out what happened, and what will happen next in the defense of LGBTQ employee ri… Read More
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The Federal Government’s Evolving Stance on Transgender Discrimination

Announcing you will be transitioning at work can be nerve-wracking. You never know how your coworkers, or your employer will respond to your desire to live openly according to your gender identity. That’s why it is good to know that, for now at lea… Read More
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Washington Splits Over Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination

Is sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination illegal? Should it be? The recent passage of the Equality Act by the United States House of Representatives comes even as the nation’s highest court is considering what protections are availa… Read More
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United States Supreme Court Building in the evening light of sunset.

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Sexual Orientation Discrimination Cases

For years, the answer to whether American workers were protected against sexual orientation discrimination or gender identity discrimination has been “it depends”. Gay and Trans* workers’ access to civil rights protections have depended on thei… Read More
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