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A young woman sitting in front of her lap top in Lgbt organization

Washington Splits Over Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination

Is sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination illegal? Should it be? The recent passage of the Equality Act by the United States House of Representatives comes even as the nation’s highest court is considering what protections are availa… Read More
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United States Supreme Court Building in the evening light of sunset.

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Sexual Orientation Discrimination Cases

For years, the answer to whether American workers were protected against sexual orientation discrimination or gender identity discrimination has been “it depends”. Gay and Trans* workers’ access to civil rights protections have depended on thei… Read More
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Transgender, Male, Female Chalk Drawing

Could the Definition of 'Sex' Remove Civil Rights Protection for Trans* Employees?

The Trump Administration recently revealed plans to change the way parts of the government define sex to be based on a person’s DNA. That could spell trouble civil rights protection for Trans* employees, students, and others seeking protection base… Read More
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Third gender and sex symbol

Do Civil Rights Laws Protect Against Genderqueer Discrimination at Work?

For generations, gender in the workplace has been black and white, male and female. But as the cultural understanding of gender have grown more technicolor, the laws protecting against gender discrimination and sexual harassment haven’t always… Read More
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Two Grooms on LGBT Wedding Cake

U.S. Supreme Court Considers LGBT Discrimination by Wedding Cake Baker

On December 5, 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that pits protections granted to a same-sex couple in a state Civil Rights Act against claims of Free Speech and Freedom of Religion by a Christian baker. The outcome is far f… Read More
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Police Officer Arms Crossed

Police Officer's "Gayness" Prevented Promotion, Lawsuit Says

Police departments across the country have had problems recruiting a diverse and inclusive workforce. But they don’t do themselves any favors when they allow sexual stereotypes to affect hiring and promotions decisions. One Missouri police offi… Read More
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LGBT Employee Rights

7th Circuit Court Upholds Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claims

Can an employee sue her employer for sexual orientation discrimination? A recent decision by the the entire bench of the 7th Circuit said that Title VII’s prohibition against sex discrimination necessarily included sexual orientation discrimina… Read More
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Gavel: 11th Circuit Court Decision

11th Circuit Court Says No to Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claim

A recent U.S. Court of Appeals decision has cast a shadow over the sexual orientation discrimination claims of gay and lesbian employees nationwide. Find out what the case does and doesn’t say about same-sex gender stereotype discrimination in… Read More
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Woman looking into office file cabinet at professional records

How Professional Records Help Your Discrimination Lawsuit

The first step in a discrimination lawsuit starts before you ever leave work. By gathering your professional records ahead of time, you can fight back against victim blaming. Find out what you should know, and what you can do before even meeting with… Read More
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Group of 4 divorce men and women concerned about sexual orientation discrimination

Will Donald Trump Reverse Cases Prohibiting Sexual Orientation Discrimination?

The election is over and Donald Trump is the next President of the United States. On the campaign trail Donald Trump made a lot of promises. But will any of them affect cases prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination? In this blog post I will dis… Read More
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