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Portrait of shocked business woman looking out of her glasses with mouth and eyes wide open staring at her laptop screen.

New York State Revenge Porn Law Makes Sharing Nude Pictures Illegal Statewide

Imagine that you and your ex-partner work at the same business. When the two of you break up, he or she threatens to send explicit photos of you to your boss, coworkers, even the owner of the company. Then he or she starts making demands. Sadly, this… Read More
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Depressed woman working with computer at night

Does Cyber-Stalking by Coworkers Count as Sexual Harassment?

When sexual harassment goes online, it can be hard to tell where the line is between at work and not. Cyber-stalking by coworkers can make the idea of going to work and facing your harassers seem impossibly difficult. Find out whether cyber-stalking… Read More
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Angry manager shouting at his coworkers during a meeting in the office.

What to Do About a Bully Boss and Their Sexual Harassment

When your boss is demanding, demeaning, and abusive, it can make every day a struggle. And when their comments and jokes turn to sex or gender, it can also be illegal. Find out what qualifies for federal and state protections and what you can do abou… Read More
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Portrait of young Asian woman in a busy modern workplace

International Employees’ #MeToo Push May Find Strength in New York State Human Rights Act

Not every country’s laws or government take sexual harassment as seriously as in the U.S. But for international employees making a #MeToo push against their employers, a business trip to New York could give them a chance to find strength in the New… Read More
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Senior businessman puting his arm on his secretary's knee.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault: Lawsuit, Crime, or Both?

The words sexual harassment can mean a lot of things. Some are verbal, or make a person uncomfortable. But others cross the line into sexual assault. When physical sexual harassment occurs, it can raise the question of whether you should file a lawsu… Read More
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Young female politician shouting into microphone at conference or political summit

Women Economists Call for Accounting on Gender Discrimination, Sexual Harassment

Economics and finance have long been male-dominated industries. Last year a #MeToo complaint brought to light a climate of gender discrimination and sexual harassment. Now women economists are speaking out, even disrupting the American Economic Assoc… Read More
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Woman Being Sexually Harassed by Men Behind her in Office

What to Do Before You Report Sexual Harassment to the EEOC

You’ve had enough of the jokes, the comments, and the inappropriate touching. You’re ready to get help. But should you head straight to court? What should you do before you report sexual harassment to the EEOC or your state anti-discrimination ag… Read More
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Man Tearing Up Contracts

What to Do If Your Contract is Terminated for Reporting Sexual Harassment

When you report sexual harassment on the job, sometimes you take your career in your hands. W-2 employees can file a retaliation claim under gender discrimination laws through the EEOC or local authorities. But what about independent contractors or c… Read More
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Demonstration - Employees Walking Out

Google Employees Walk Out Over Sexual Harassment Buyouts

A news article about sexual harassment buyout four years ago sent Google employees to the streets in New York City and around the globe. They protested $90 million paid to Andy Rubin, the “Father of Android” and other high-level golden parachutes… Read More
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High angle view of happy businessman writing a business plan on whiteboard during a presentation in the office.

2019 Brings New Sexual Harassment Training Requirements to New York Employers

New York state has tightened its rules about sexual harassment at work. Starting in 2019, the state is imposing new sexual harassment training requirements on all New York employers for new hires and existing employees. Find out what to expect and wh… Read More
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