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Victoria's Secret store front

Victoria’s Secret “Angels” Face Misogyny, Bullying, and Sexual Harassment

Working as a lingerie model naturally exposes a woman to certain amounts of sexual energy. However, no employee should be forced to submit to sexual harassment just because of the nature of their job. Find out how the Victoria’s Secret “Angels”… Read More
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female employee putting out restaurant sign in mask

New York Human Rights Law Protects Small Business Employees

Small businesses employ millions of American workers. Without the administrative oversight of larger companies, these businesses may not give their employees the same protections against discrimination and sexual harassment. The smallest of the small… Read More
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women holding me too signs

Federal #MeToo Complaints Push Government Agencies to Confront Sexual Harassment

A year after the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights began its investigation of federal #MeToo complaints, the agency has finally issued recommendations for federal employers and Congress. The report calls for the federal government to act as a “model… Read More
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Woman Upset at Computer

Is Zoombombing Illegal Sexual Harassment?

Millions of American workers have found themselves suddenly working from home in the wake of COVID-19. Zoom and other video conferencing applications are a crucial part of that unexpected transition. However, vulnerabilities in the app’s security h… Read More
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Victims Feel Left Out of…

Victims Feel Left Out of Methodist Church’s Response to Sexual Harassment Charges

The Catholic Church isn’t the only religious organization dealing with sexual harassment charges against their religious leaders. But when the United Methodist Church said it had reached a “Just Resolution” with one of the denomination’s most… Read More
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What to Do About Defamati…

What to Do About Defamation Lawsuits Filed in Response to Sexual Misconduct Claims

Coming forward with sexual misconduct claims requires courage and conviction. The idea that your abuser may turn the tables and take you to court may be enough to threaten your confidence. But if your story is true, even a defamation lawsuit filed in… Read More
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EEOC Sexual Harassment Cl…

EEOC Sexual Harassment Claims Drop in 2019

Every year, thousands of women and men file claims with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for discrimination and sexual harassment at work. Surprisingly, last year the number of sexual harassment claims dropped, even though ther… Read More
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What Sexual Harassment Lo…

What Sexual Harassment Looks Like When You Work From Home

Many more New York residents are finding themselves working remotely in jobs that used to be 9-5 in an office. You might assume that this social distancing would remove the risks of a hostile work environment. However, sexual harassment can happen in… Read More
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Britt McHenry Says Sexual…

Britt McHenry Says Sexual Harassment Continues at Fox News

Online Fox Nation host Britt McHenry sued Fox News, saying that her co-host Tyrus sexually harassed her and that the network did nothing to respond to her complaints. Hers is the latest in a string of sexual harassment claims against the company, sho… Read More
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Will You Lose Your Rights…

Will You Lose Your Rights If You Quit Your Job to Escape Sexual Harassment?

Every day, many victims of sexual harassment walk into work wondering if this is the day they will quit. They may struggle to endure the hostile working environment rather than run the risks of unemployment. Others stick it out, only to be fired rath… Read More
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