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Young Asian woman wearing a protective face mask to prevent the spread of germs and viruses in the city

Asian American Essential Workers Face COVID-19 Racial Discrimination

In New York and across America, Asian American workers are facing racial discrimination because of fear related to the novel Coronavirus COVID-19. As the response to the pandemic goes on, employers will need to step up their responses to xenophobia t… Read More
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U.S. Supreme Court Takes…

U.S. Supreme Court Takes On Racial Discrimination in the Media

There have been laws against racial discrimination since just after the Civil War. But when it comes to enforcing those laws, the battle rages on. That fight has made its way to the United States Supreme Court in Comcast Corp. v. National Association… Read More
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Businesswoman Showing Cheque At Office

Salary Negotiations or Racial and Gender Pay Discrimination: How Can You Tell?

Whether you are applying for a new position, or asking for a raise, the idea of demanding more money from an employer is often nerve wracking. But what if you are being underpaid because of your race or gender? How can you tell if your pay is based o… Read More
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Black Businesswoman working on digital tablet in hotel lobby

Black Women in Law Face Gender Discrimination and Racial Bias

Many people assume that lawyers — both in-house and in firms — live comfortable lives and earn a lot of money. But if you ask a lawyer, especially a woman of color, you may find they experience a life very different from the stereotype. A recent… Read More
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Harvard University

Asian-American Students Sue Harvard Over Affirmative Action Policies

Competition for admission into America’s Ivy League universities has never been tighter. Students compete on grades, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and awards. Still less than 5% of applicants get admitted to Harvard College. Now a law… Read More
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African American Woman Angry About Racially Offensive Material at Work

Can You Be Fired for Objecting to Racially Offensive Material at Work?

It can be hard to stand up to your employer in the face of racial discrimination. You may worry that filing a complaint with HR will make your work life harder, or even result in termination. But can you legally be fired for objecting to racially off… Read More
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Native American Worker

Responding to the Threat of Native American Racial Discrimination

The public face of racial discrimination is usually an African American, or possibly Latino. However, members of any minority can face bias and prejudice at work and in their day-to-day lives. Tribal members, and others who identify as Native America… Read More
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Woman Who Was Harassed at Work

Harassed at Work: Can You Sue for Emotional Abuse?

When you are harassed at work, it can make you dread every shift and put your physical and mental health at risk. But can you do anything to stop it? Can you sue for emotional abuse if harassed at work? In this post, I will review the laws that prote… Read More
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Woman at Manufacturing Plant

What is Ford Motor Company Doing About Harassment of Women and African-Americans?

When a workplace turns hostile, it is often not just one employee who suffers. Even when only a handful of employees come forward to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), it is often a sign that relief will take company-wide changes. At… Read More
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Stop Racism Sign

Racial Slurs and Retaliation Drive EEOC to File New York Lawsuit

Is it ever okay for a supervisor to use a racial slur at work? Should an employer be allowed to fire you in retaliation for filing a harassment complaint? The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently drew its line in the sand against t… Read More
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