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Darden restaurants

One Fair Wage Says Darden Restaurants’ Tips Policy Caused Racial and Gender Discrimination

Can working on tips perpetuate racial or gender discrimination at work? The advocacy group One Fair Wage has filed a lawsuit against industry giant Darden Restaurants arguing that the company’s tips policy caused racial discrimination and sexual ha… Read More
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black business owner

Oregon Sued After Setting Aside $62M of COVID Relief Funds for Black Business Owners

The Oregon legislature set aside millions of dollars of federal COVID-19 relief funding specifically for Black-owned businesses. For Black business owners, this was an acknowledgment of both a history of racial discrimination and the fact that the co… Read More
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African American fireman

Kansas City Black Firefighters’ Decades-Long Battle Against Racial Discrimination

For black firefighters in many of Kansas City’s most desireable stations, racial slurs and even physical violence are part of the job. But after decades of lodging racial discrimination complaints, and even many settled lawsuits, the “old white b… Read More
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Pinterest app on phone

Black Women Face Gender and Racial Discrimination in Pinterest Careers

Pinterest careers are often seen as a kinder, gentler social media start up. But according to a pair of black women who publicly resigned from the company in May 2020, the company’s public face hides a corporate culture of gender and racial discrim… Read More
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Yale University

Discrimination Concerns Raised by DOJ for Yale’s College Application Process

The Trump Administration’s Department of Justice has had its eye on Affirmative Action policies used at Ivy League colleges for years. Now, while a private lawsuit against Harvard goes up on appeal, the DOJ has turned its attention to Yale Universi… Read More
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Young Asian woman wearing a protective face mask to prevent the spread of germs and viruses in the city

Asian American Essential Workers Face COVID-19 Racial Discrimination

In New York and across America, Asian American workers are facing racial discrimination because of fear related to the novel Coronavirus COVID-19. As the response to the pandemic goes on, employers will need to step up their responses to xenophobia t… Read More
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U.S. Supreme Court Takes…

U.S. Supreme Court Takes On Racial Discrimination in the Media

There have been laws against racial discrimination since just after the Civil War. But when it comes to enforcing those laws, the battle rages on. That fight has made its way to the United States Supreme Court in Comcast Corp. v. National Association… Read More
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Businesswoman Showing Cheque At Office

Salary Negotiations or Racial and Gender Pay Discrimination: How Can You Tell?

Whether you are applying for a new position, or asking for a raise, the idea of demanding more money from an employer is often nerve wracking. But what if you are being underpaid because of your race or gender? How can you tell if your pay is based o… Read More
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Black Businesswoman working on digital tablet in hotel lobby

Black Women in Law Face Gender Discrimination and Racial Bias

Many people assume that lawyers — both in-house and in firms — live comfortable lives and earn a lot of money. But if you ask a lawyer, especially a woman of color, you may find they experience a life very different from the stereotype. A recent… Read More
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Harvard University

Asian-American Students Sue Harvard Over Affirmative Action Policies

Competition for admission into America’s Ivy League universities has never been tighter. Students compete on grades, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and awards. Still less than 5% of applicants get admitted to Harvard College. Now a law… Read More
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