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Black Businesswoman working on digital tablet in hotel lobby

Black Women in Law Face Gender Discrimination and Racial Bias

Many people assume that lawyers — both in-house and in firms — live comfortable lives and earn a lot of money. But if you ask a lawyer, especially a woman of color, you may find they experience a life very different from the stereotype. A recent… Read More
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A.I. Gender Discrimination - Woman and Data Illustration

Amazon Hiring A.I. Learns Gender Discrimination Against Women

Is automation the answer to fighting gender discrimination against women? Some big tech companies seem to think so. But after Amazon’s experimental hiring A.I. learned to favor men over women, the question is whether automation will stop discrimina… Read More
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Transgender, Male, Female Chalk Drawing

Could the Definition of 'Sex' Remove Civil Rights Protection for Trans* Employees?

The Trump Administration recently revealed plans to change the way parts of the government define sex to be based on a person’s DNA. That could spell trouble civil rights protection for Trans* employees, students, and others seeking protection base… Read More
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Woman Faces Much Bigger Steps than Man: Gender discrimination and inequality at work

Scientists’ Sensors Show Gender Discrimination and Inequality at Work

Women have fought for decades for equality at work, and in their paychecks. After all that time and effort, gender discrimination and inequality at work is a persistent problem in companies across the country. Some say that is because of the differen… Read More
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Pregnant Woman in Conference Room

Pregnancy Discrimination at Work in America’s Big Businesses

Starting a family shouldn’t come with a risk of being fired. But expectant mothers across the country face pregnancy discrimination at work. The illegal trend to hold women back because they have children can strike anywhere, from small compani… Read More
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Transgender Woman

​Religious Objection Doesn’t Overrule Transgender Discrimination Protections, Court Says

If you decide to come out at work, can your employer fire you for being transgender? Does it matter if your boss is a Christian? The Sixth Circuit Court says no and no. A religious objection doesn’t overrule transgender discrimination protectio… Read More
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Coins with #PayMeToo Note: International Gender Pay Gap

International Gender Pay Gap Revealed by British Reporting Requirements

Finding out you are not receiving equal pay can be tough. Some businesses even make rules against employees discussing their income. Now some employees may have a little easier a time investigating their wages, since new British reporting requirement… Read More
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Third gender and sex symbol

Do Civil Rights Laws Protect Against Genderqueer Discrimination at Work?

For generations, gender in the workplace has been black and white, male and female. But as the cultural understanding of gender have grown more technicolor, the laws protecting against gender discrimination and sexual harassment haven’t always… Read More
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Photo of 3 Women - 42% Report Gender Discrimination at Work

​42% of Women Report Gender Discrimination at Work

For the past several months, the news has been full of reports of women (and men) raising complaints of gender discrimination and sexual harassment. But are these isolated incidents, or a glimpse at a bigger, societal problem? A survey by the Pew Res… Read More
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Pregnant Woman Working in Warehouse

Can I Be Fired for Getting Pregnant?

Learning that you are expecting a child should generally be a happy experience. Unfortunately, many employees face fear instead of excitement when they learn they are having a child. They may be worried that they could be fired for getting pregnant.… Read More
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