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What Happens After a Pers…

What Happens After a Person is Fired for Gender Discrimination?

There are many sources for what to do and what can happen after a person is fired because of the biases of his or her supervisor or employer. The appropriate response to gender discrimination and sexual harassment is often to terminate the harasser… Read More
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New York State Legislator…

New York State Legislators Tighten Sexual Harassment Laws, Again

Earlier this year, the New York state legislature held its first hearings on sexual harassment and gender discrimination in nearly 50 years. Now Senate Bill 6577, the product of those hearings, has been signed into law. That means tighter sexual hara… Read More
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What Woman to Woman Gende…

What Woman to Woman Gender Discrimination Looks Like

The faces of the #MeToo movement have been women from across the country who have faced sexual harassment and gender discrimination at the hands of the men they worked for. But that’s not the only way female employees can be disadvantaged at work.… Read More
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EEOC Swears in Sharon Gus…

EEOC Swears in Sharon Gustafson General Counsel, First Woman to Do So

After nearly 3 years without a head attorney, the EEOC has finally sworn in Sharon Gustafson as its new General Counsel. Will the first woman to hold the seat mean stronger protections for women facing gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and pr… Read More
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Study: Women Software Dev…

Study: Women Software Developers’ Gender Gap Won’t Close for 100 Years according to study

The software industry has had a long-standing reputation as a white man’s industry. Minorities and women have had trouble breaking into the higher ranks of computer companies for decades. Now a new study shows that women software developers’ gend… Read More
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SCOTUS Hears Transgender…

SCOTUS Hears Transgender and Sexual Orientation Discrimination Cases

All eyes turned to the U.S. Supreme Court on October 8, 2019, as the Justices heard oral arguments in three transgender and sexual orientation discrimination cases. Find out what happened, and what will happen next in the defense of LGBTQ employee ri… Read More
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Harassed at Work

Common Examples of Workplace Harassment

You may have the feeling you’re being harassed at work, but you’re not sure whether you have an actual legal claim. There can be a difference between what one individual employee feels is harassment and what constitutes illegal harassment under f… Read More
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Business woman in an office smiling and holding a binder

Are Female Government Contractors Protected from Gender Discrimination?

Should female government contractors be entitled to fair pay for the work they do? An Obama-era 2014 executive order called Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces sought to hold contractors accountable for pay violations, sexual harassment, and other forms of… Read More
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Young woman in business attire standing with arms crossed in a business environment

Alleged “Fraternity Culture” at One Top Law Firm Blamed for Equal Pay Act Violations

Do you have to be “one of the boys” to get the best projects, and the best pay, at your work? A lawsuit against one of the top law firms in the country says the firm’s “fraternity culture” led to gender discrimination and Equal Pay Act viol… Read More
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Group of multiracial businesswomen together at office desk and looking at camera.

Women Venture Capitalists Fight Gender Discrimination in Lending

Where can a woman go for funding to start her business? Women entrepreneurs continue to face challenges raising seed money from venture capitalists who are overwhelmingly male, and white. Now a group of women venture capitalists in New York are fight… Read More
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