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ABA Ethics Committee Releases Discrimination and Harassment Guidelines in New Opinion

Lawyers, specifically employment lawyers, are the ones who help employees fight back against discrimination and harassment at work. But what about when they are the victims of the behavior, or the ones doing the harassing? The American Bar Associatio… Read More
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Jones Day’s Pay Discrimination Cases Could Become a Collective Action

The $2 million pay discrimination cases against the Jones Day law firm has been around for a while. Initially filed in April 2019, the case has progressed through rounds of discovery and survived a motion to dismiss by the employer. Now the women law… Read More
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"Sex-Plus" Discrimination During COVID-19 Layoffs

The government response to the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 shut down businesses across the country. While most states are now reopening, many employees are finding that the COVID-19 layoffs weren’t as temporary as they thought. Older women in partic… Read More
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Is Dating Violence on Campus Gender Discrimination?

Every year, high school and college students across the country become the victims of sexual abuse and misconduct through dating violence. When domestic violence happens between intimate partners it can cause real emotional abuse, physical harm, and… Read More
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Union Accuses Airport Starbucks Franchise of Transgender Discrimination

Transgender baristas in airports across the country are saying they face misgendering, the use of “dead names” and other transgender discrimination, all while wearing the logo of a popular progressive company: Starbucks. While the parent company… Read More
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Are Misgendered Pronouns Gender Discrimination at Work?

For transgender and nonbinary workers, a supervisor using the right name and pronoun can be a sign of affirmation and respect. But what if coworkers or supervisors refuse to refer to you in your preferred way? Are misgendered pronouns gender discrimi… Read More
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EEOC Sexual Harassment Cl…

EEOC Sexual Harassment Claims Drop in 2019

Every year, thousands of women and men file claims with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for discrimination and sexual harassment at work. Surprisingly, last year the number of sexual harassment claims dropped, even though ther… Read More
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EEOC Considers Changes to…

EEOC Considers Changes to Equal Pay Data Collections

Women’s rights advocates and researchers are often looking for new sources for data on pay disparities based on race, gender, and other factors. In 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission added a mandatory report to help with Equal Pay Ac… Read More
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Could Ability-Based Wages…

Could Ability-Based Wages Close the Gender Pay Gap?

How does your boss decide what to pay you? Is it based on your position, experience, or rain-making record? What about your core ability? An academic report suggests that income inequality and the gender pay gap could be reduced if people were paid b… Read More
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Will You Lose Your Rights…

Will You Lose Your Rights If You Quit Your Job to Escape Sexual Harassment?

Every day, many victims of sexual harassment walk into work wondering if this is the day they will quit. They may struggle to endure the hostile working environment rather than run the risks of unemployment. Others stick it out, only to be fired rath… Read More
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