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I was injured in a wreck with a truck, is the company at fault?

A commercial truck can cause an immense amount of damage to your car and you, resulting in pain, suffering and financial losses. If you have been hit by a commercial truck and the truck driver is responsible for the accident, here is what you need to… Read More
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How do New York courts assess fault in personal injury cases?

Personal Injury refers to an assault to the physical and mental well being rather than to property. Each state varies in assessing fault in an accident. In shared fault cases, the defendant being held liable for the incident may claim the victim hold… Read More
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Can You Help Me Make a Personal Injury Claim?

Have you been injured? If you were involved in a slip and fall accident, someone else may be liable to you for your injuries. Have you been injured in an accident? Countless individuals are injured each year in slip and fall accidents. Many other ind… Read More
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What kind of damages can be sought after in a personal injury claim?

Personal injury is an injury to the body or mental state rather than to one’s property. Be it negligence, deliberate action or misconduct, if physical or psychological damage is caused, one may file a personal injury claim. Some examples of frequen… Read More
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