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Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California Charged for Age Discrimination

For years, employees in technology-related industries have told stories about older workers facing age discrimination at work. Now NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is set to pay $10 million in fines and damages, and make changes in the way hiring a… Read More
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"Sex-Plus" Discrimination During COVID-19 Layoffs

The government response to the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 shut down businesses across the country. While most states are now reopening, many employees are finding that the COVID-19 layoffs weren’t as temporary as they thought. Older women in partic… Read More
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Older Worker at Desk - Forced into Mandatory Retirement

Is a Mandatory Retirement Policy Illegal Age Discrimination?

If you have a milestone birthday approaching, you might be getting anxious about losing your job. Some companies use a mandatory retirement policy to try to limit the age of their work force. But that could be illegal age discrimination, depending on… Read More
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College Job Fair

Do College Job Fairs Promote Age Discrimination?

Every year, colleges and universities across the country are gear up to connect graduating seniors with employers looking for entry-level employees. But what about those workers who didn’t follow a traditional path to employment? Do college job… Read More
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Older Business Woman Concerned About Age Discrimination

When is Age Discrimination Against the Law?

Age discrimination at work can be hard to detect and even harder to prove. Many applicants never even know that they were illegally passed over because they were too old. What should you be watching for? How will you know whether what happened to you… Read More
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