Slip-and-Falls from Ice or Snow

Were You Injured from a Slip-and-Fall from Ice or Snow?

In New York, business and property owners are responsible for making sure their buildings and lots, including sidewalks and steps, are free from ice and snow hazards. Accumulations of snow can hide other potential hazards, and untreated black ice can lead to painful injuries. Neglecting snow and ice removal, insufficient shoveling and salting, poor building maintenance, or failing to warn can cause people to slip, trip, and fall while walking.

Slip-and-falls can cause painful back and neck injuries, fractures, broken bones, sprains, soft tissue damage, and even concussions. Slip and fall accidents caused by ice or snow on sidewalks can lead to serious, life-threatening injuries and even wrongful death. Winter in the northeast is an ordeal, but property owners have a duty to make sure walkways are clear within four hours after a snowstorm or by 11 a.m. if the storm ends in the evening or during the night. Negligent property owners should be held responsible, and at Eisenberg & Baum, our attorneys' first priority is getting you full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Our New York City Premises Liability Attorneys Help You Recover for Damages

Successful slip-and-fall cases require a trained and speedy response to gather all possible evidence to show a property owner owed a duty to people coming onto the property, knew or should have known of a hazard, and failed to take steps to correct it. You need a skilled slip-and-fall personal injury law firm to build an effective case.

Our New York premises liability attorneys have the experience to take immediate and effective action. We have the resources and experience to gather evidence in building a strong case. These cases can turn on fine details such as the specific timing of events, knowledge of the parties, and what exactly was done or not done. You can trust Eisenberg & Baum to leave no stone unturned and explore every avenue of compensation for you and your loved ones.

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