Inadequate Lighting

Harm from Inadequate Lighting on Owner's Premises

In New York, a premises owner must provide adequate lighting to prevent injury and harm to those entering the property. Failing to provide adequate lighting may mean that individuals on the premises slip, trip, or fall when they cannot see hazards. Inadequate lighting — whether because of lack of lights, broken / burned out bulbs, or improperly placed lighting — may cause individuals to be hit by unseen objects or bump into other individuals or objects that cannot be avoided in time.

Bad lighting may also provide opportunities for criminals to commit robberies or assaults. It is important for property owners to have sufficient lighting in entryways, hallways, along walkways, in parking lots, and in garages. Without adequate lighting, criminals can lurk in the dark and wait for an unsuspecting victim to come along.

Where the lack of proper lighting contributes to dangerous circumstances or presents a safety issue putting visitors at risk, the owner or landlord of a building, store, parking garage, apartment, or other premises may be held responsible for injuries or losses.

Our New York City Premises Liability Lawyers Recover for Security Failures

Eisenberg & Baum's New York City premises liability attorneys hold premises owners responsible when you or loved ones suffer injuries caused by negligent lighting. We understand the physical and emotional harm your family may be going through, whether you are the victim of a slip-and-fall or the victim of an assault. Our personal injury law firm will be on your side and fight for compensation.

Our skilled lawyers leave no stone unturned in looking at all aspects of your case to get the compensation you need. A successful premises liability case requires a thorough investigation of the history of the premises as well as the relationships relevant to the current incident. This means collecting and analyzing building maintenance records and incident reports, talking with other residents or occupants, calling in technical and security experts, investigating the scene, communicating with insurance companies, and procuring all other necessary records and data.

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