Co-worker Liability

Co-Worker Negligence and Liability in Construction Accidents

After a co-worker’s negligence causes you injury, you are probably wondering how it impacts your ability to recover compensation. You are likely searching for answers to some important questions:

  • Can I file a workers’ compensation claim?
  • Who will pay my medical bills and rehabilitation expenses?
  • How will bills get paid while I’m unable to work?
  • Will I have to sue someone?

Our New York Accident Attorneys Can Help

While each construction accident brings its own unique set of circumstances and legal opportunities, the New York workers’ compensation system generally covers workers who suffer work-related injuries. At Eisenberg & Baum, our New York construction accident attorneys help injured workers explore all options for obtaining compensation.

New York and New Jersey workers’ comp programs generally help construction workers who sustain injuries while acting within the scope of their employment. If your injury occurs because of supervisor negligence or a poor decision by a fellow worker, you are probably a good candidate for workers’ compensation benefits.

If a co-worker or supervisor acts in a way that is grossly negligent or malicious, you may be able to bring a personal injury suit against him or her. For example, imagine a co-worker is working on the roof of a building while you work on the ground nearby. He foolishly tosses a brick in your direction, trying to startle you. Instead, the brick strikes you, causing serious injuries.

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