Sexual Harassment

New York Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Have you received unwanted sexual advances at work, or been subjected to a hostile work environment?

Sexual harassment at the workplace is illegal. Sexual harassment can have a destructive influence on your career as well as your emotional health.

At Eisenberg & Baum, our New York sexual harassment attorneys provide experienced representation and determined advocacy for people who have been sexually harassed at the workplace. We are experienced trial lawyers who know how to achieve results for our clients.

State and Federal Sexual Harassment Law

State and federal laws protect workers from sexual harassment. All too often, however, these harmful practices persist, leaving employees to contend with unfair treatment, limited employment activities and physiological consequences. Unfortunately, many victims of sexual harassment are reluctant to come forth with a claim, fearing retaliation and job loss.

Sexual harassment claims are broken down into two general categories:

Quid pro quo

Claims in which an authority figure requests sexual favors in exchange for promotion, continued employment and other considerations.

Hostile work environment

Claims involving inappropriate behavior in the workplace, including sexual jokes, pictures and offensive acts.

Our Discrimination Attorneys Can Help

Our employment discrimination and gender discrimination attorneys have decades of experience handling employment disputes for individuals who work at small and large corporations. We are especially adept at handling harassment and discrimination claims in which there is a systemic pattern of harassment or discrimination at a place of work.

Recently, there have been increased complaints of discrimination against women in the pharmaceutical industry. If you work in the pharmaceutical industry and feel you have been mistreated at work, our attorneys are here to help you explore your legal options.

The Law is On Your Side:
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If you have been subjected to sexual harassment at work, it is important to remember that the law is on your side. Pursuing a sexual harassment lawsuit can hold responsible parties to account, protect yourself and others from future harassment, and help you obtain compensation for the hardships you have faced.

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