Clergy Sex Abuse

Civil Attorneys Representing Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

  • Abuse by clergy is not just a Catholic problem. Clergy sexual abuse is not to be tolerated. Eisenberg and Baum understands the need for closure after a sexual molestation case and will work tirelessly to protect your interests.
  • Unfortunately, as we’ve all come to learn, sexual abuse by members of the clergy happens all too often. Safe within a religious organization, the sexual predator is given the means, opportunity, and an implied sense of trust to “groom” a child. This violation of confidence is particularly harmful to the young victim.
  • Parents, caregivers, and even the religious organization itself regularly teaches young congregation members to admire, respect, and trust Church leaders and the clergy. Often, children are under the direct care and supervision of ministers or priests, and it’s within this framework abuse takes place. These silent victims and their families are unaware of the risks involved, often encouraging their young children to participate in church events, or become altar boys.
  • All too often the case, complaints of abuse will cause the religious organization to relocate the minister to another community, thereby hiding any past accusations of wrongdoing.

Let Our Experienced Clergy Abuse Attorneys Help

  • When prosecuting a sex crime case, most times only the perpetrators and those who help hide any criminal activity are held accountable by the Court.
  • However, in a civil suit, Eisenberg and Baum will identify all responsible parties, we will examine the hiring, training, and supervision of the abuser, and investigate any failures to act upon warning signs or complaints.
  • Some of our attorney’s are former prosecutors that helped prosecute sexual predators, sending many to jail. The attorneys at Eisenberg and Baum have extensive sex crimes trial experience.
  • We look forward to helping you put this tragic event behind you.
  • It is important to remember that abuse claims have time-sensitive restrictions for filling, so call immediately to preserve your legal rights, and avoid missing an opportunity to recover financial compensation from those responsible.

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