I was injured in a wreck with a truck, is the company at fault?

A commercial truck can cause an immense amount of damage to your car and you, resulting in pain, suffering and financial losses. If you have been hit by a commercial truck and the truck driver is responsible for the accident, here is what you need to know before you speak to your truck accident lawyer.

Document Everything

Make sure everything from the accident is documented. Get police reports and the names and addresses of any witnesses, if possible. If you were seriously injured, you can get this information later or ask a relative or friend to help you do so. While the situation is stressful, keeping the coolest head possible could help you avoid costly mistakes.

Do Not Sign Anything

Trucking companies often have their own loss mitigation departments and legal teams. Their job is to minimize the trucking company’s losses as much as possible in the aftermath of an accident, and the same goes for the insurer who is providing coverage for the commercial vehicle. You do not have to give the truck company’s insurer a statement, but be sure to give an honest one to the local police if asked.

Get your own truck accident attorney before speaking to the truck’s insurer or the company’s representatives to protect your own interests. Never sign any documents from the trucking company or its insurer without your attorney reviewing them first, as you do not want to unknowingly give away any of your rights.

What You Must Show

To win a case against a trucking company or truck driver who caused your accident, you must show that the driver failed to meet the reasonable care standards all drivers are held to while on the road and that the failure caused your injury. Your truck accident lawyer can help you demonstrate all of this in court with the facts of your case. Failure to meet reasonable care standards includes texting while driving, speeding and other behavior that is considered reckless on the road.

Identify the Defendants

The truck driver alone may not be the only defendant in your case, and it is important to identify all potential defendants so you can collect the damages you are entitled to. Your truck accident attorney will examine your case to find all the possible defendants, which can include the trucking company, the company’s insurers and contractors. If hazardous materials on the truck made your accident worse or contributed in any way, the maker or supplier of those materials may also bear some legal responsibility.

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