Types of Motorcycle Crashes that Result in Personal Injury Cases

Motorcyclists may end up in accidents on the road resulting in serious personal injury, this stems from the small size and weight of most motorcycles compared to other cars on the road. When a motorcyclist is in an accident there is a better chance of a motorcyclist suffering personal injuries than the driver of a car. Here are some types of accidents which can occur when riding a motorcycle, which can also result in a personal injury:

Unseen changes in the lay of road

Changes in the road may affect a motorcyclist to a greater degree than the driver of a car due to the size and weight of the vehicle. It can lead to accidents as a sudden turn in the road could be a surprise and you may be going at a speed which doesn’t allow for you to slow down and properly negotiate the turn. Similarly, the conditions of roads can change from one hour to the next. A spill of some liquid or rain could make the road slippery at a bend which you are unaware of, or a fallen tree could appear out of nowhere so take caution when riding around curves. Accidents which occur because of unseen changes in the road can lead to personal injury.

Collisions at intersections

When you come to an intersection on a motorcycle other drivers may not be looking for a vehicle of your size when turning into the next traffic lane. It is very important to try and be vigilant of other cars which may not see your vehicle. Even the most cautious of motorcyclists cannot expect every turn that drivers make, so it is important to be comfortable with your bike and understand how to control it for these close situations. Because of the size of your vehicle, even though the other driver may be at fault, you could end up with the more severe injury because of the lack of safety features available to motorcyclists. Collisions which occur at intersections can lead to serious personal injury.

Collisions on the road

If you are riding your motorcycle on a highway or road other drivers may not be expecting a vehicle of your size and speed and although they may seem to be paying attention, the driver may switch lanes, slow down or speed up for any reason at any time. It is very important to anticipate and take caution when riding your motorcycle. In the case that you try to pass a car, be wary that the driver of the other car may not see you attempting to pass so make sure that your line of sight is unobstructed and there is no one in the other lane who could turn your attempt to pass into a fatal accident. Similarly, pay attention to the car in front of you, as well as the car behind you, at all times. You never know when they are going to have to stop, or attempt to pass you, and you taking notice could be the difference between life and death. In the case that another driver on the road does cause you to crash there is a strong likelihood that personal injury will occur.

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