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What steps to take immediately after a car accident injury

Have you been injured in a car accident? Whether you were involved in a fender bender or a catastrophic car collision, below are several steps that you should take after any accident. Contact the police immediately If you have been involved in a car… Read More
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How someone else might be liable for your personal injury

Have you been injured? If you were involved in a slip and fall accident, someone else may be liable to you for your injuries. Slip and fall accidents Countless individuals are injured each year in slip and fall accidents. You may have slipped on an u… Read More
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What is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Although Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act made sexual harassment in the workplace illegal as of 1964, it still unfortunately occurs with alarming regularity. Some forms of sexual harassment may also be criminal offenses. Unfortunately few law e… Read More
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Handling Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Although Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act made gender discrimination in the workplace illegal as of 1964, it still unfortunately occurs with alarming regularity. Gender discrimination in the workplace is mistreatment based on your gender, wheth… Read More
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Eisenberg & Baum Team Att…

Eisenberg & Baum Team Attends the NAD Breakthrough Awards Gala

Eisenberg & Baum is a proud sponsor of the National Association of the Deaf’s (NAD) first Breakthrough Awards Gala recognizing trailblazers in the entertainment industry who made it possible for deaf and hard of hearing artists and supporting c… Read More
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3 Hospitals Failed to Hel…

3 Hospitals Failed to Help Dying Deaf Patient

The family of an elderly deaf man, Alfred Weinrib, claims he died not knowing his proper diagnosis because his requests for a sign language interpreter were denied. See Story on News 7 Website Read More
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Welcome to our new Eisenberg & Baum’s Personal…

Welcome to our new Eisenberg & Baum’s Personal Injury Attorneys website! Experienced New York accident attorneys are helping the injured. Have you been injured by the careless or negligent actions of another? While the hardships you face may be… Read More
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Deaf Starbucks Patrons Al…

Deaf Starbucks Patrons Allege DIscrimination in Lawsuit

Twelve deaf Starbucks customers have filed a lawsuit alleging that workers at two of the coffee shops in New York City mocked them and refused to serve them because of their disability. View story on New York Times Watch on iDeafNews Read More
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