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Attorney Outside Looming Courthouse - Needs to Enforce Discrimination-Based Settlement Agreement

Enforcing Your Discrimination-Based Settlement Agreement

Increasingly, complaints of workplace discrimination or harassment are settling out of court. Whether through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC’s) mediation process, or as the result of negotiations by private employment…
Transgender Woman

​Religious Objection Doesn’t Overrule Transgender Discrimination Protections, Court Says

If you decide to come out at work, can your employer fire you for being transgender? Does it matter if your boss is a Christian? The Sixth Circuit Court says no and no. A religious objection doesn’t overrule transgender discrimination protectio…
Older Worker at Desk - Forced into Mandatory Retirement

Is a Mandatory Retirement Policy Illegal Age Discrimination?

If you have a milestone birthday approaching, you might be getting anxious about losing your job. Some companies use a mandatory retirement policy to try to limit the age of their work force. But that could be illegal age discrimination, depending on…
Woman Charter School Teacher

Does the Equal Pay Act Apply to Charter School Salaries?

The Equal Pay Act is designed to make sure women receive equal pay for equal work. But income inequality continues to be a problem in workplaces across the country. In some cases, like in non-profit charter schools, teachers may not even know if they…
School of law sign

Tenure, Sexual Harassment and Bullying on Law School Campuses

Teacher-and-student relationships are one of the most frequent pairings in the media to portray sexual harassment and bullying. In real life, when a professor or dean of a law school targets his employees and students, even a Title IX complaint often…
College Job Fair

Do College Job Fairs Promote Age Discrimination?

Every year, colleges and universities across the country are gear up to connect graduating seniors with employers looking for entry-level employees. But what about those workers who didn’t follow a traditional path to employment? Do college job…
Hearing Room - EEOC Expert Task Force Against Workplace Sexual Harassment

EEOC Reconvenes Expert Task Force Against Workplace Sexual Harassment

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have drawn the nation’s attention to the prevalence of workplace sexual harassment. Now the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has taken notice. It has reconvened its expert task force, first formed…
Chalk Arrow Going a Different Direction on Chalkboard - Reverse Discrimination

Can a White Man Face Workplace Discrimination for Socially Conservative Views?

Most employment discrimination cases involve women, African Americans, or other minorities. But in the wake of social pressure toward diversity and inclusion, some are wondering if perceived left-leaning companies like Google have gone too far. Are e…
Flight Attendant at Airport in Required Knee-Length Skirt

Religious Discrimination Against Muslim Women Sparks Lawsuit Against Airline Support Company

Religiously observant Muslim women often face discrimination because their modest dress sets them apart. When religious discrimination against Muslim women hit an airline support company, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) stepped in…
Coins with #PayMeToo Note: International Gender Pay Gap

International Gender Pay Gap Revealed by British Reporting Requirements

Finding out you are not receiving equal pay can be tough. Some businesses even make rules against employees discussing their income. Now some employees may have a little easier a time investigating their wages, since new British reporting requirement…

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