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FedEx building

Transgender Warehouse Worker Seeking FedEx Lawsuit

Being yourself at work shouldn’t mean dealing with daily insults, threats, and mistreatment. But in a FedEx lawsuit, a warehouse worker coming out as transgender at work meant that former mates and coworkers turned on her, forcing her out of a job… Read More
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Final Report: Public Comments on NYPD Surveillance Technology Submitted by Eisenberg & Baum, LLP on Feb. 25th, 2021

Thanks to everyone for your participation and interest in the Forums on NYPD’s Use of Surveillance Technology, hosted by the AI Fairness and Data Privacy Practice Group at Eisenberg & Baum, LLP. We appreciate the contributions of the 10 for… Read More
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African American fireman

Kansas City Black Firefighters’ Decades-Long Battle Against Racial Discrimination

For black firefighters in many of Kansas City’s most desireable stations, racial slurs and even physical violence are part of the job. But after decades of lodging racial discrimination complaints, and even many settled lawsuits, the “old white b… Read More
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NYPD Use of Surveillance Technology Tools: Submitting Public Comments

Thank you for participating in our forums on NYPD use of Surveillance Technology! Your feedback and comments are at the core of democratic accountability over the use of Surveillance Technology in the City. Your actions and words matter, especially i… Read More
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Covid-19 Vaccine vials

COVID Vaccine May Potentially Cause Discrimination Issues for Employers

The COVID-19 vaccines have begun to roll out across the country. That means that some employees are able to return to the workplace, even while others never left. Can your employer require you to take the COVID vaccine or is that disability discrimin… Read More
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Shadow of a woman and a man on a sidewalk

Sexual Harassment in Public Calls For a New Campaign: #CrimeNotCompliment

Catcalls, following, up-skirting, a “casual” brush against your body: public sexual harassment can take many forms. While New York and other states have public harassment laws baked into their criminal codes, many women and girls don’t know wha… Read More
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Playing video games

Changes Slow in Gaming Industry Companies Despite Growing Sexual Harassment Resignations

Sexual harassment in the video game industry has been a problem since the beginning. Gaming industry companies were also one of the first where gender discrimination bubbled into the public view in 2014’s Gamergate. But even as problems continue to… Read More
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What Do We Think About NY…

What Do We Think About NYPD’s Use of Surveillance Technology?

Register Now NYPD Surveillance Technology Explainer (r) [PDF] As New Yorkers, we have until February 25th, 2021 to tell the NYPD what we think about the surveillance technology tools — 36 tools like facial recognition and Shotspotter — cu… Read More
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age discrimination and gavel

Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California Charged for Age Discrimination

For years, employees in technology-related industries have told stories about older workers facing age discrimination at work. Now NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is set to pay $10 million in fines and damages, and make changes in the way hiring a… Read More
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students walking on campus

Betsy DeVos's Title IX Rule Survives Students' Rights Lawsuit

Since shortly after taking office in 2017, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has made it a priority to change the way sexual harassment was handled in public K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. When DeVos’s Title IX rules became final i… Read More
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