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Munich, Germany - October 24, 2017: The girl receives an order in the interior of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant

Sexual Harassment in the Fast Food Industry

#MeToo Protesters across the country are holding McDonald’s accountable for sexual harassment in the fast food industry. But will legal loopholes around franchise agreements keep them from achieving nationwide change? In this blog post, I will disc… Read More
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Black Businesswoman working on digital tablet in hotel lobby

Black Women in Law Face Gender Discrimination and Racial Bias

Many people assume that lawyers — both in-house and in firms — live comfortable lives and earn a lot of money. But if you ask a lawyer, especially a woman of color, you may find they experience a life very different from the stereotype. A recent… Read More
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A young female victim of sexual harassment as she leaves the copy room at her workplace with an obvious look of unhappiness on her face.

EEOC Reviews Stopping Sexual Harassment in Workplace Culture

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for enforcing the nation’s federal sexual harassment and gender discrimination laws. In a recent public meeting, the agency recognized the best strategy for stopping sexual harassmen… Read More
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Pregnant woman driving forklift in concrete factory while looking worker

Miscarried from Pregnancy Discrimination at Work? What are Your Options?

Losing a baby is one of the worst feelings in the world. No legal case will bring your child back after you miscarried from pregnancy discrimination. But you may have options to receive compensation that could help with medical costs, time off work,… Read More
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Female boss making unwanted advances towards a male employee. You might also be interested in this:

What Does Male Gender Discrimination Look Like?

When you think of gender discrimination, you most likely imagine a powerful man in a three-piece suit looking down on his female secretary. Or maybe you think of the hostile work environment created when pornography is found on the factory floor. But… Read More
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African American Woman Business Owner

Sexual Harassment in Lending Makes Business Harder for Women Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is hard for anyone. Entrepreneurs looking for start-up capital often face uphill battles convincing investors that their product or service is worth the risk. But sexual harassment in lending makes it even harder for women entrepr… Read More
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Female Independent Contractor Roofer

Sexual Harassment of Independent Contractors in the Workplace

The definition of a worker is changing. As contract jobs become more common and the “gig economy” grows, more New Yorkers are finding themselves working, but not technically employees. Does this new status mean they lose out on the workplace prot… Read More
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A.I. Gender Discrimination - Woman and Data Illustration

Amazon Hiring A.I. Learns Gender Discrimination Against Women

Is automation the answer to fighting gender discrimination against women? Some big tech companies seem to think so. But after Amazon’s experimental hiring A.I. learned to favor men over women, the question is whether automation will stop discrimina… Read More
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Transgender, Male, Female Chalk Drawing

Could the Definition of 'Sex' Remove Civil Rights Protection for Trans* Employees?

The Trump Administration recently revealed plans to change the way parts of the government define sex to be based on a person’s DNA. That could spell trouble civil rights protection for Trans* employees, students, and others seeking protection base… Read More
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Harvard University

Asian-American Students Sue Harvard Over Affirmative Action Policies

Competition for admission into America’s Ivy League universities has never been tighter. Students compete on grades, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and awards. Still less than 5% of applicants get admitted to Harvard College. Now a law… Read More
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