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Religious Discrimination: Woman Wearing Hijab Speaking to Woman Without Hijab

Religious Discrimination at Work: Is it Getting Worse?

Religion has become a political talking point over the last year. But has all the press around President Donald Trump’s campaign and later travel bans affected religious minorities’ ability to do their jobs? Is religious discrimination at… Read More
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Young Man Asking: Can a Man Sexually Harass Another Man

Can a Man Sexually Harass Another Man?

When they think of sexual harassment, many people envision a male boss putting pressure on a female employee to have sex with him. But that’s not always the case. The stereotype can make it hard for a man to come forward when he finds himself f… Read More
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Two Men Angry that Dishwashers were Called Slaves

Black Haitian Dishwashers Called "Slaves" EEOC Lawsuit Says

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently filed a lawsuit in Florida claiming a local hotel discriminated against Black Haitian dishwashers, including calling them “slaves”. The case raises the questions of whether discr… Read More
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TV studio (Fox News sexual harassment)

Fox News Corporate Culture Raised Sexual Harassment Problems

TV heavyweight Fox News has been plagued with public sexual harassment allegations for nearly a year. But the allegations suggest the corporate culture that created the problem ran even deeper. In this blog post, I will review the sexual harassment a… Read More
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Police Officer Arms Crossed

Police Officer's "Gayness" Prevented Promotion, Lawsuit Says

Police departments across the country have had problems recruiting a diverse and inclusive workforce. But they don’t do themselves any favors when they allow sexual stereotypes to affect hiring and promotions decisions. One Missouri police offi… Read More
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Woman with arms crossed: When Do You Need an Attorney for Job Discrimination

EEOC vs. Hiring a Lawyer: When Do You Need an Attorney for Job Discrimination?

Do you need an attorney for job discrimination or will the EEOC do the work for you? Find out why you should talk to a lawyer first, and when you can skip the EEOC altogether. In this blog post, I will discuss the differences between the EEOC process… Read More
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Handshake to settle a sexual harassment claim

How to Settle a Sexual Harassment Claim Out of Court

Lawsuits are important. They publicly expose illegal employment behavior and provide important remedies to injured workers. But not every claim needs to go to trial. Find out how a lawyer can help you settle a sexual harassment claim out of court, an… Read More
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Caution Wet Floor Sign: Custodians Fired

Kansas Custodians Say They Were Fired After Reporting Sexual Harassment

If you are facing a sexually hostile work environment, you may be hesitant to report it. You may be afraid you will be fired after reporting sexual harassment to your employer or the EEOC. That’s what happened to several Kansas school district… Read More
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Bloomberg BNA Talks Deaf Discrimination With Eisenberg & Baum, LLP

Eisenberg & Baum Law Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing was recently featured in Bloomberg BNA’s “Health Law Reporter.” Partners Eric M. Baum and Andrew Rozynski were interviewed about the work the firm does representing the plaintiffs in… Read More
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Gender Pay Gap Illustration: Woman Behind Men on Stairs

Top 10 Industries with Largest Gender Pay Gaps

Do you ever wonder how much you make, compared to others in your industry? Men and women may be surprised to find out the top 10 industries that continue to struggle with a large gender pay gap. In this blog, I will review a recent PayScale study ana… Read More
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