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Sex Abuse Victims’ Test…

Sex Abuse Victims’ Testimonies Lead to Harvey Weinstein’s Guilty Verdict

On February 24, 2020, former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of two felony sex crimes by a New York State Supreme Court jury. This guilty verdict is a milestone in the #MeToo movement, and comes thanks to the hard work and testim… Read More
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Victims Feel Left Out of…

Victims Feel Left Out of Methodist Church’s Response to Sexual Harassment Charges

The Catholic Church isn’t the only religious organization dealing with sexual harassment charges against their religious leaders. But when the United Methodist Church said it had reached a “Just Resolution” with one of the denomination’s most… Read More
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What to Do About Defamati…

What to Do About Defamation Lawsuits Filed in Response to Sexual Misconduct Claims

Coming forward with sexual misconduct claims requires courage and conviction. The idea that your abuser may turn the tables and take you to court may be enough to threaten your confidence. But if your story is true, even a defamation lawsuit filed in… Read More
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EEOC Sexual Harassment Cl…

EEOC Sexual Harassment Claims Drop in 2019

Every year, thousands of women and men file claims with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for discrimination and sexual harassment at work. Surprisingly, last year the number of sexual harassment claims dropped, even though ther… Read More
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Harvey Weinstein Settles…

Harvey Weinstein Settles Dozens of Sexual Misconduct Lawsuits for $25 Million

Former media mogul Harvey Weinstein has been in the news for more than two years, and for all the wrong reasons. Facing dozens of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct lawsuits and criminal charges in two different states, Weinstein is experiencing… Read More
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What to Do About Sexual A…

What to Do About Sexual Assault Between Vendors

From the outside, the wine industry may seem to be dominated by rich, older men with class and good taste. On the inside, though, many women experience sexual aggression powered by free-flowing alcohol in a heavily male-dominated industry. But gettin… Read More
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Secondary Charges Show a…

Secondary Charges Show a Pattern of Sexual Assault for Actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

An isolated case of inappropriate sexual touching may not carry a high criminal consequence. But often, these criminal charges are a glimpse into a pattern of sexual assault against a number of victims. That appears to be the case for actor Cuba Good… Read More
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EEOC Considers Changes to…

EEOC Considers Changes to Equal Pay Data Collections

Women’s rights advocates and researchers are often looking for new sources for data on pay disparities based on race, gender, and other factors. In 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission added a mandatory report to help with Equal Pay Ac… Read More
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What Sexual Harassment Lo…

What Sexual Harassment Looks Like When You Work From Home

Many more New York residents are finding themselves working remotely in jobs that used to be 9-5 in an office. You might assume that this social distancing would remove the risks of a hostile work environment. However, sexual harassment can happen in… Read More
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Congress Considers Nation…

Congress Considers National Law to Help Control Online Sexual Abuse Materials

Imagine you are working with the police to track down someone who has distributed your child’s image online only to be told that the social media company storing the image had deleted it. How would you feel if a 90 day policy window closed preventi… Read More
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