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Black Women Face Gender and Racial Discrimination in Pinterest Careers

Pinterest careers are often seen as a kinder, gentler social media start up. But according to a pair of black women who publicly resigned from the company in May 2020, the company’s public face hides a corporate culture of gender and racial discrim… Read More
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Justice Scales

ABA Study Finds Attorneys with Disabilities or in the LGBTQ+ Community Face Prevalent Discrimination

Discrimination can take many forms, and target many different kinds of minorities. Until now, most studies of discrimination within the legal community have focused on traits you can see: race, gender, age, etc. Now a recent study has looked into the… Read More
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bisexual religious person.

Baptist Church Pastor Fired after Coming Out as Trans in Sermon

In the latest intersection between LGBTQ+ rights and religious freedoms, a Canadian Baptist church pastor was voted out after she came out as Trans in a sermon. Find out what happened, and how recent court decisions have shaped and limited the option… Read More
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SCOTUS Rules Federal Employment Discrimination Laws Do Not Extend to Catholic School Teachers

The United States Supreme Court handed down two decisions interpreting federal anti-discrimination laws this year. In Our Lady of Guadalupe School v Morrissey-Berru, the Supreme Court ruled that federal employment discrimination laws do not extend to… Read More
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The Invest in Child Safety and EARN IT Acts Aim to Fight Online Child Sexual Exploitation

The number of child pornography images online is growing exponentially. Addressing online child sexual exploitation has become a congressional priority. With several bills competing for representatives’ and senators’ votes, including the Invest i… Read More
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Me Too Movement Shared as Part of Political Campaign

The survivors of sexual assault often feel that their voices and their stories go unheard, prompting the recent Me Too Movement. This year one Virginia woman made her #MeToo experience the focal point of her political campaign, telling potential cons… Read More
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Supreme Court Extends Civil Rights Protections to LGBTQ Employees

Can you be fired from your job for coming out as gay or transgender? Not anymore. In a landmark case, the Supreme Court has extended Title VII civil rights protections to LGBTQ employees nationwide. The opinion, written by Trump appointee, Justice Ne… Read More
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Cheerleading team

Cheer Star Lawsuit Brings to Light Sex Abuse in Competitive Cheerleading

The general public may think of cheerleading as a “sexy” activity involving attractive women and the strong men who hold them in the air. However, competitive cheerleading is an active and intensely competitive sport involving children as young a… Read More
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Yale University

Discrimination Concerns Raised by DOJ for Yale’s College Application Process

The Trump Administration’s Department of Justice has had its eye on Affirmative Action policies used at Ivy League colleges for years. Now, while a private lawsuit against Harvard goes up on appeal, the DOJ has turned its attention to Yale Universi… Read More
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$90,000 Settlement Shows Discrimination in the Workplace Against HIV Positive Employees

Can you be denied a job because you are HIV positive? Many LGBTQ+ employees and others who live with this diagnosis worry any time an employer requires a medical check. But a recent settlement shows that HIV discrimination is illegal under the Americ… Read More
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