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Woman at Manufacturing Plant

What is Ford Motor Company Doing About Harassment of Women and African-Americans?

When a workplace turns hostile, it is often not just one employee who suffers. Even when only a handful of employees come forward to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), it is often a sign that relief will take company-wide changes. At… Read More
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US Supreme Court Building

U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Whether Employment Arbitration Agreements Can Block Class Actions

Sometimes problems in the workplace are so widespread that they affect hundreds or even thousands of employees. That’s when lawyers and government enforcement agencies use class action lawsuits to protect employee rights. But if the U.S. Suprem… Read More
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Stop Racism Sign

Racial Slurs and Retaliation Drive EEOC to File New York Lawsuit

Is it ever okay for a supervisor to use a racial slur at work? Should an employer be allowed to fire you in retaliation for filing a harassment complaint? The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently drew its line in the sand against t… Read More
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Coworkers Sexually Harassing Woman in Office

Is an Employer Responsible for Sexual Harassment by Its Employees?

When many people think of sexual harassment in the workplace, it brings to mind coercive bosses and oppressive business owners taking advantage of younger workers beneath them. But what about when the harasser is a coworker? Is an employer responsibl… Read More
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Woman Teacher (Who is Paid Less Than Male Teachers)

When is it Legal for Women to be Paid Less than Men?

Employees often don’t like to share information about salary. Some employers even try to forbid it to prevent hard feelings in the workplace. But the secrecy around compensation also allows women to be paid less than men, without anyone realizi… Read More
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Father Holding Newborn Wonders if He Has Right to Paternity Leave

Do Men Have a Right to Paternity Leave?

There is a lot to think about when a man’s partner is expecting a child. Many new fathers want to take time off work to address the practical issues of caring for a newborn, and to bond with their new children. But will doing so put your job at… Read More
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Woman Talking to Sexual Harassment Attorney

What if Your Boss Finds Out You Talked to a Sexual Harassment Attorney?

If you are facing sexual harassment at work, you may feel torn between wanting to explore your legal options and not wanting your boss to find out you talked to a lawyer. You may be worried that you could be fired — or your work life could get wors… Read More
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Judge Richard Posner

Retiring Judge Posner's Legacy on Employment Discrimination Cases

Judge Richard Posner’s sudden retirement from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in September took many lawyers and commentators by surprise. But Posner’s legacy on employment discrimination cases promises to live on for some time to come.… Read More
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#metoo on pink background

#MeToo: Hollywood Sexual Harassment Scandal Takes Social Media By Storm

When the average person looks at the Hollywood film industry, celebrity, parties and even sex are often seen as just part of the lifestyle. But a recent Hollywood sexual harassment scandal is showing that when it comes to movie mogul Harvey Wienstein… Read More
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African American Woman Who Faced Discrimination at Work

Job Discrimination Against Black Women: Racial Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, or Both?

Black women sometimes face serious discrimination at work. But it can be hard to tell whether job discrimination against black women is based on their sex, their race, or both. Find out what protections are available and what the differences are betw… Read More
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