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Woman Being Sexually Harassed by Men Behind her in Office

What to Do Before You Report Sexual Harassment to the EEOC

You’ve had enough of the jokes, the comments, and the inappropriate touching. You’re ready to get help. But should you head straight to court? What should you do before you report sexual harassment to the EEOC or your state anti-discrimination ag… Read More
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Female Attorney Looking Out of Window in Highrise Office

Gender Pay Gap Widens at Top Law Firms

Differences in the income of men and women happen at every point on the pay scale. From blue-collar workers to white-collar professionals, women often have to fight to earn as much as their male counterparts. Now the most recent study of top law firm… Read More
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Man Tearing Up Contracts

What to Do If Your Contract is Terminated for Reporting Sexual Harassment

When you report sexual harassment on the job, sometimes you take your career in your hands. W-2 employees can file a retaliation claim under gender discrimination laws through the EEOC or local authorities. But what about independent contractors or c… Read More
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Pregnant Woman at Doctor's Office

Planned Parenthood Employees Face Pregnancy Discrimination

When women want to start a family, having their employer’s support can be an important factor in the decision. Knowing you can follow doctor’s orders for light work, bed rest, or other pregnancy-related restrictions is crucial. But even at progre… Read More
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Demonstration - Employees Walking Out

Google Employees Walk Out Over Sexual Harassment Buyouts

A news article about sexual harassment buyout four years ago sent Google employees to the streets in New York City and around the globe. They protested $90 million paid to Andy Rubin, the “Father of Android” and other high-level golden parachutes… Read More
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High angle view of happy businessman writing a business plan on whiteboard during a presentation in the office.

2019 Brings New Sexual Harassment Training Requirements to New York Employers

New York state has tightened its rules about sexual harassment at work. Starting in 2019, the state is imposing new sexual harassment training requirements on all New York employers for new hires and existing employees. Find out what to expect and wh… Read More
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Man touching woman's elbow isolated on black - sexual harassment in business office

New York Models Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy for Employers

The 2019 New York State Budget puts in place the nation’s strongest, most comprehensive sexual harassment law. It holds employers accountable for sexual misconduct in the workplace, and specifically requires employers to adopt a sexual harassment p… Read More
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Munich, Germany - October 24, 2017: The girl receives an order in the interior of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant

Sexual Harassment in the Fast Food Industry

#MeToo Protesters across the country are holding McDonald’s accountable for sexual harassment in the fast food industry. But will legal loopholes around franchise agreements keep them from achieving nationwide change? In this blog post, I will disc… Read More
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Black Businesswoman working on digital tablet in hotel lobby

Black Women in Law Face Gender Discrimination and Racial Bias

Many people assume that lawyers — both in-house and in firms — live comfortable lives and earn a lot of money. But if you ask a lawyer, especially a woman of color, you may find they experience a life very different from the stereotype. A recent… Read More
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A young female victim of sexual harassment as she leaves the copy room at her workplace with an obvious look of unhappiness on her face.

EEOC Reviews Stopping Sexual Harassment in Workplace Culture

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for enforcing the nation’s federal sexual harassment and gender discrimination laws. In a recent public meeting, the agency recognized the best strategy for stopping sexual harassmen… Read More
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