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Hearing Room - EEOC Expert Task Force Against Workplace Sexual Harassment

EEOC Reconvenes Expert Task Force Against Workplace Sexual Harassment

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have drawn the nation’s attention to the prevalence of workplace sexual harassment. Now the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has taken notice. It has reconvened its expert task force, first formed… Read More
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Chalk Arrow Going a Different Direction on Chalkboard - Reverse Discrimination

Can a White Man Face Workplace Discrimination for Socially Conservative Views?

Most employment discrimination cases involve women, African Americans, or other minorities. But in the wake of social pressure toward diversity and inclusion, some are wondering if perceived left-leaning companies like Google have gone too far. Are e… Read More
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Flight Attendant at Airport in Required Knee-Length Skirt

Religious Discrimination Against Muslim Women Sparks Lawsuit Against Airline Support Company

Religiously observant Muslim women often face discrimination because their modest dress sets them apart. When religious discrimination against Muslim women hit an airline support company, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) stepped in… Read More
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Coins with #PayMeToo Note: International Gender Pay Gap

International Gender Pay Gap Revealed by British Reporting Requirements

Finding out you are not receiving equal pay can be tough. Some businesses even make rules against employees discussing their income. Now some employees may have a little easier a time investigating their wages, since new British reporting requirement… Read More
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Woman Who Filed Discrimination Complaint

What Does a Reasonable Response to Discrimination Complaints Look Like?

If you have filed a discrimination complaint at work, it can sometimes feel like your employer is ignoring you, or isn’t taking you seriously. And it might be true. How can you know if your employer is doing enough to prevent discrimination or… Read More
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Hand Opening Door

U.S. Supreme Court Okays Mandatory Employment Arbitration

The U.S. Supreme Court decision in Epic Systems v Lewis says judges must enforce mandatory employment arbitration contracts. The opinion could severely affect employee rights to enforce federal and state employment laws in federal court through class… Read More
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Third gender and sex symbol

Do Civil Rights Laws Protect Against Genderqueer Discrimination at Work?

For generations, gender in the workplace has been black and white, male and female. But as the cultural understanding of gender have grown more technicolor, the laws protecting against gender discrimination and sexual harassment haven’t always… Read More
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STOP Hand Sign indicating a Separation Agreement Blocking Employee's Discrimination Complaint

Can a Separation Agreement Block an Employee​'s Discrimination Complaint?

When employment discrimination comes to a head, it may be best for everyone if employer and employee part ways. But do you need to give up your legal civil rights claims to escape a hostile work environment? Can a separation agreement block an employ… Read More
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Employee Getting Flu Shot at Work

Could a Religious Objection to a Flu Shot Cost You Your Job?

When your religious beliefs don’t match your boss’s it can sometimes create conflicts in the work place. But those conflicts don’t just arise between major faiths. Sometimes a seemingly small difference, like a religious objection t… Read More
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Red Pencil Checking YES! on Sexual Harassment Survey

Employers: Are Your Supervisors Likely to Sexually Harass Your Employees? Science Helps You Find Out

You can’t truly know person from his or her interview. As an employer, every hire runs the risk of turning your office into a hostile work environment and opening your company up to sexual harassment complaints. Scientists have created a survey… Read More
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