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Hollywood Seeks to Close Gender Gap but Sex Abusers Find New Work

Hollywood’s TV, movie, and streaming producers have been making space for diversity in lead roles and seeking to close the gender gap following years of sexual harassment complaints. But it seems there is still space for those with checkered histor… Read More
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Stressed Teenage Girl Gaming At Home

Sexual Misconduct Allegations Shake Leadership at Gaming Giant Ubisoft

More than a dozen current and former Ubsioft employees have come forward, complaining that the game producer has downplayed and ignored their claims of sexual harassment against top management for years. The French-based family business, run by 5 bro… Read More
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Group of young scouts joining hands together

Sex Abuse Lawsuits Send Boy Scouts to Bankruptcy Court

Thousands of former boy scouts nationwide have come forward to say they were sexually abused as children by their scout leaders, counselors, and others within the organization. There have been so many complaints and sex abuse lawsuits that they force… Read More
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"Sex-Plus" Discrimination During COVID-19 Layoffs

The government response to the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 shut down businesses across the country. While most states are now reopening, many employees are finding that the COVID-19 layoffs weren’t as temporary as they thought. Older women in partic… Read More
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Is Dating Violence on Campus Gender Discrimination?

Every year, high school and college students across the country become the victims of sexual abuse and misconduct through dating violence. When domestic violence happens between intimate partners it can cause real emotional abuse, physical harm, and… Read More
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Union Accuses Airport Starbucks Franchise of Transgender Discrimination

Transgender baristas in airports across the country are saying they face misgendering, the use of “dead names” and other transgender discrimination, all while wearing the logo of a popular progressive company: Starbucks. While the parent company… Read More
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Secrecy Clouds Catholic Cardinal’s Sex Abuse Acquittal

The victims of sex abuse often fight personal battles between the need for privacy and the desire to make their abusers’ actions known. But when secrecy is the rule of law, it can create questions about what really happened in court. The gag orders… Read More
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Could Productivity Apps Give Bosses Keys to Online Sexual Harassment?

How much personal information do you want your bosses to have about your home life? Thousands of New York residents are working from home as a result of the Coronavirus, but could their computers be opening them up to unwanted sexual advances? As mor… Read More
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Southern Baptist Convention Ejects Church Over Sex Offender Pastor

Earlier this year, the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the country, expelled a small church in Texas because its pastor was a known sex offender. This was the first action taken under the denomination’s new sex a… Read More
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Victoria's Secret store front

Victoria’s Secret "Angels" Face Misogyny, Bullying, and Sexual Harassment

Working as a lingerie model naturally exposes a woman to certain amounts of sexual energy. However, no employee should be forced to submit to sexual harassment just because of the nature of their job. Find out how the Victoria’s Secret “Angels”… Read More
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