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Aerial view of Times Square at night

New York City Council Passes Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act

The size and diversity of New York City puts employees of all different types, and genders, in close contact. Sometimes, that can result in sexual harassment. In response to the #MeToo and Stand Up movements sweeping the nation, the New York City Cou… Read More
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Woman with Hourglass - When to Report Sexual Harassment

When Do I Have To Report Sexual Harassment?

The news for the last few months has been full of sexual harassment allegations from decades ago. High-powered men from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein to long-time congressman John Conyers have faced allegations that they sexually harassed women… Read More
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Pregnant Woman Working in Warehouse

Can I Be Fired for Getting Pregnant?

Learning that you are expecting a child should generally be a happy experience. Unfortunately, many employees face fear instead of excitement when they learn they are having a child. They may be worried that they could be fired for getting pregnant.… Read More
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Muslim woman harassed at work

What Is the Difference Between a Hostile Work Environment and Quid pro Quo?

Sexual harassment and gender discrimination don’t always look the same. Depending on your circumstances, you may have faced one adverse employment decision or daily ongoing harassment. Does it matter? What is the difference between a hostile wo… Read More
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Cartoon of Workplace Bully Yelling at Coworkers

What is Workplace Bullying?

Workplace bullying is a growing problem. It disrupts productivity and makes employees miserable at work. But it isn’t always clear what counts as workplace bullying. Employees may not realize they are a victim or know what they can do to stop t… Read More
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5 People holding Question Marks: Questions about Workplace Harassment

Concerned About Workplace Harassment: 5 Questions to Ask

Going to work is increasingly stressful. Someone at your job, or maybe several people, are harassing you and making it hard to focus on your work. If you are concerned about workplace harassment, here are 5 questions to ask to determine if you have a… Read More
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Woman On Couch Concerned About Privacy in Reporting Sexual Harassment

Privacy in Reporting Sexual Harassment

It can be intimidating to face sexual harassment at work. But for many, reporting that discrimination can be just as stressful. Find out why privacy in reporting sexual harassment is so important, and how you can protect your confidentiality and your… Read More
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Girls at Private School

Can Private Schools Discriminate Based on Gender?

Many parents consider public, private, and charter school options available to their students. But could choosing a private school cut a child off from civil rights protections Can private schools discriminate based on gender? In this blog post, I wi… Read More
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Judge holding gavel in courtroom

The #MeToo Movement Hits the Judiciary: California Federal Court Judge Alex Kozinski Steps Down

The #MeToo movement seems to have swept into every industry and sector, from Hollywood to Washington. Sexual harassment allegations have hit the judiciary as well, shining light on problems within the courts themselves. Now that California Federal Ci… Read More
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Girl Gymnast Chalking Hands

Sexual Harassment and Abuse at Michigan State University Raise Title IX Concerns

Larry Nassar, was once a renowned sports doctor for both Michigan State University and the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics team. But reports of sexual harassment and abuse from gymnasts he worked with ended his career. Now MSU is dealing with the public and… Read More
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