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Man with Back Pain Needs Chair at Work

​Can Your Employer Deny You a Chair as a Disability Accommodation?

Disabilities come in all shapes, sizes, and severity. Sometimes accommodating for an employee’s disability requires special equipment or a flexible schedule. Other times, all that is needed is a chair. But employers sometimes refuse even the si…
American Flag and Church Steeple: Legal protections for sexual harassment in the Catholic Church

​Sexual Harassment in the Catholic Church: Are the Victims Protected?

Controversy over sexual abuse and sexual harassment in the Catholic church has been swirling for years. Now a recent indictment by a Pennsylvania Grand Jury has taken the matter out of the religious world, and into the legal sphere. But the question…
African American Woman Angry About Racially Offensive Material at Work

Can You Be Fired for Objecting to Racially Offensive Material at Work?

It can be hard to stand up to your employer in the face of racial discrimination. You may worry that filing a complaint with HR will make your work life harder, or even result in termination. But can you legally be fired for objecting to racially off…
Young Woman Worker at Restaurant Tying Apron

Sexual Harassment in Restaurants Could Change U.S. Corporate Culture

Sexual harassment in restaurants has been seen as everything from out of control to just part of the job. But with one in three American workers learning the ropes in the restaurant industry, making changes there could have a ripple effect that chang…
Woman Faces Much Bigger Steps than Man: Gender discrimination and inequality at work

Scientists’ Sensors Show Gender Discrimination and Inequality at Work

Women have fought for decades for equality at work, and in their paychecks. After all that time and effort, gender discrimination and inequality at work is a persistent problem in companies across the country. Some say that is because of the differen…
Brett Kavanaugh at Confirmation Hearing for U.S. Supreme Court

Sexual Harassment and Assault Allegations Cloud Kavanaugh Confirmation

The name Brett Kavanaugh has been on every news person’s lips for nearly a month. In the midst of a heated Supreme Court confirmation process, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward with allegations of sexual harassment and assault. She claimed…
Coworkers Looking at Nude Photos on Smartphones

Distributing Nude Pictures of Coworkers is Sexual Harassment and a Crime in New York City

Distributing nude pictures of coworkers may be one of the most humiliating things a person can do to a fellow employee. Yet, the media has made news out of celebrities’ nude images going viral. That has prompted angry ex-partners to engage in &…
Man Hugging Woman at her Desk

Is Hugging Sexual Harassment?

Not all sexual harassment involves sex. Unwanted comments and physical attention can make the workplace an uncomfortable place to be. When these seemingly minor offenses pile up and make a hostile work environment, it can leave you wondering, “…
Pregnant Woman in Conference Room

Pregnancy Discrimination at Work in America’s Big Businesses

Starting a family shouldn’t come with a risk of being fired. But expectant mothers across the country face pregnancy discrimination at work. The illegal trend to hold women back because they have children can strike anywhere, from small compani…
Nike logo

Athletes’ Testosterone Blamed for Environment of Sexual Harassment at Nike

When your workplace has an environment of sexual harassment it can feel like no one is listening to your complaints and there’s nothing you can do. An anonymous survey that swept through Nike revealed the company’s focus on athletes had c…

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