Jonte Robinson could have been eligible for Compassionate Release, had he been white. Today, Mr. Jonte Robinson brings this class action against the Federal Bureau of Prisons on behalf of thousands of incarcerated individuals who suffer from the systemic racism preserved in race-based medical algorithms. The Complaint addresses a race-based kidney assessment algorithm — colloquially called the African-American eGFR score — which makes it more difficult for a Black person to be diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. Had the Bureau of Prisons used a race-free kidney assessment method, Jonte would have been diagnosed and would have qualified for compassionate release. Jonte is demanding that the Bureau of Prisons cease using the race-based formula and take steps to rectify the harms suffered by Black individuals. Jonte Robinson is represented by Juyoun Han and Eric Baum at Eisenberg & Baum LLP.

Write to us to find out more about your rights and the class-action suit. If you experienced similar harm regarding medical algorithms and kidney assessment scores, please contact us: Juyoun Han ( or Eric Baum (


Robinson v. Federal Bureau of Prisons (U.S. District Court District of Columbia, 22-cv-1098)

Filed on April 20, 2022.


How a Race-Based Medical Formula Is Keeping Some Black Men in Prison (NY Times, April 22, 2022)