Alcalde Adriana

Adriana Alcalde

For the past 20 years, Adriana Alcalde has helped victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, police misconduct, human trafficking, and child pornography. Adriana Alcalde was a prosecutor with the Broward County State Attorney’s Office in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. There she spent time in the Homicide, Special Victims, Sex Crimes, Crimes against Children, Domestic Violence and Public Corruption Units. She prosecuted individuals charged with Murder, Capital Sexual Battery, Lewd Molestation, Human Trafficking, Computer Crimes, Child Abuse and a myriad of other crimes.

During her time with the Homicide Unit, she never lost a murder trial. She was also charged with prosecuting police officers and public officials accused of official misconduct and corruption.
She has taught Law School Seminars instructing young lawyers in trial and litigation skills. She is a regular speaker on issues relating to civil remedies for victims of sex crimes or police misconduct. Ms. Alcalde has also been a commentator on national and local networks, commenting and discussing legal issues and her own cases. She earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Florida International University and her J.D. from the University of Miami School of Law. She has tried over 150 jury trials in state and federal courts and both criminal and civil trials.

She now leads a team of lawyers at Eisenberg and Baum handling civil cases for survivors of sex crimes.

Adriana Alcalde in the Media


The highest regard

There are few things as frightening to a parent as having to deal with the aftermath of one of your children being preyed upon by a sexual predator. It’s our job to protect our children from the worst the world has to offer, but sometimes things happen beyond our sight and control. We had the great fortune of having Adriana as the prosecutor for our case and she fought tirelessly for justice. The case spanned several years with the perpetrator filing various appeals and causing the case to be tried multiple times. Adriana made sure she was involved for each trial and although she was a very busy prosecutor for the state, she kept us informed along the way. Even now, a few years after the final trial, she still maintains contact with our family, which is a very special thing and something that many would not. I never felt like we were a case or a job to Adriana. It was always personal to her and I get the feeling she handles every case with the same passion, heart, and professionalism. The highest regard I can give to this wonderful woman is that she made us feel safe again and she has my unending appreciation for that.

David Sanders

Hands down one of the best attorneys

I have worked with Adriana for several years as a sex crimes detective and believe she is one of the finest prosecutors I have worked with. She is professional, very intelligent, compassionate and has a true passion for her job. I have also watched Ms. Alcalde in the courtroom and am so impressed by her knowledge of the law, her eloquence of speech and her pit bull attitude to get the job done. She is hands down one of the best attorneys I have ever seen and am proud to know her personally.

Julie Bower

An unchallenged high moral character

Adriana Alcalde did an excellent job representing our family in a nightmarish situation that nobody should face (sexual assault/abuse). She was professional in and out of the courtroom with a perfect balance of personal care to make our victim feel valued and safe. Adriana was always responsive to our calls, needs, fears, and questions. We never felt uninformed before, during and after trial. And she is a bulldog in the courtroom! I genuinely believe we got the best representation possible and I would highly recommend her services because she has a fierce desire for justice. In my experience, Adriana’s honesty, sincere concern for victims’ rights and high moral character are unchallenged.

Joanne Baker

She is my hero

She is my hero. I couldn’t have asked for someone better to represent me in my case other than Adriana. She never for a second doubted me. She made it her duty to bring me and my family justice. I love her as a person and as an attorney, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who needs the help she provides.

Julianna Velez

A proud moment I will never forget

I am forever grateful to Adriana for fighting for and protecting my sister in a very difficult case. It was clear from day one that she believes in truth and justice. Watching her fight for it in court was a proud moment I will never forget. Thank you Adriana for helping give my sister peace & faith in the justice system.

Amanda Velez

Adriana is a charismatic, hard-working, determined, heartfelt humanitarian

There are no words to describe how excellent an attorney Adriana truly is, but like many of the other people who she has helped, I’m going to try. When I met Adriana, I was 16 and had just told my parents and the police about my ongoing sexual molestation. Not only was I terribly embarrassed, but I felt shame like nothing before. In a sense, I felt that the abuse was my fault and that I made it even worse by waiting so long to tell someone– well, at least that’s how the other side made it sound. Adriana would not let me have that mentality with her. Not only did she sympathize with me, but she made me feel as though I’m a stronger woman from this whole ordeal. There wasn’t a single time I walked into her office and felt like the victim; I came in as her friend.

Adriana is a charismatic, hard-working, determined, heartfelt humanitarian who connects with those of us who she’s defending.

She worked incessantly, around the clock, to keep my abuser locked away. And through the long hard years that she worked with me and my family, we forged such a strong bond that is going years after she helped me.

I’m so thankful that Adriana came into my life at the time she did because I have no idea where I would be today if it weren’t for her.