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Ayo Alston-Moore

Phone: (212) 353-8700
Fax: (212) 353-1708
Ayo Alston-Moore is an associate in the Litigation Practice Group, where she represents clients in various litigation matters, including matters involving employment discrimination and artists’ rights claims. Ms. Alston-Moore’s work and experienc… Read More
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May Mallari, Esq.

Phone: (310) 651-9925
May Mallari, of counsel to the Litigation Practice Group of Eisenberg & Baum, LLP, primarily represents employees in cases involving sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination as well as wage and hour issues. Ms. Mallari… Read More
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Toni Jaramilla, Esq.

Phone: (310) 651-9925
Toni Jaramilla, of counsel to Litigation Practice Group of Eisenberg & Baum, LLP, believes in creating positive social change through dedicated and compassionate advocacy for the rights of workers. Since 1994, she has been practicing exclusively… Read More
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Sagar Shah, Esq.

Phone: (212) 353-8700
Fax: (212) 353-1708
Sagar Shah is an associate in the Litigation Practice Group of Eisenberg and Baum, LLP, where he focuses on labor, employment, and commercial litigation, as well as personal injury matters from inception up to, and including, trials. He has drafted a… Read More
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Eric M. Baum, Esq.

Phone: (212) 353-8700
Fax: (212) 353-1708
Eric M. Baum is a co-founding and co-managing partner of Eisenberg & Baum, LLP, where he is the head of the firm’s Litigation Practice Group. Mr. Baum has extensive experience litigating sexual harassment and discrimination claims. He has condu… Read More
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