The Cyberbullying Symposium Recording and Video Message from Congressman Josh Gottheimer

The Cyberbullying Symposium Recording

Eisenberg & Baum hosted The Cyberbullying Symposium on Wednesday, May 12th, moderated by Partner Juyoun Han, Esq. Watch the full event by clicking the image below (CC available):

Learn more about the class action lawsuit against Snapchat, YOLO, & LMK (anonymous apps):

If you experienced similar harm from apps sold by the defendants or by other computer apps, social media platforms, and more, you can write to attorney Juyoun Han at (moderator of event).

Follow up with presenters and panel experts:

Organizations & Resources referenced in the chat

There were many excellent contributions in the “chat” made by both panelists and attendees:

  • Cyberbullying Research Center, Dr. Sameer Hinduja's organization:
    • - my favorite resources, all free, all PDFs - all research-informed
    • - the 23 scenarios we've written to allow you to have conversations with your child and give them an "action plan" as to what to do if they or a friend is targeted.
    • - my list of questions you can ask your child/teen.
  • Tyler Clementi Foundation:
  • Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood
  • LiveMore ScreenLess
  • David's Legacy Foundation: If you live in Texas we would love to connect and work with you as we expand our mission:
  • LookUp.Live and Headstream: youth-focused organizations working on empowering youth to create solutions
  • Kids Before Screens: Online safety tips
  • Healthy Screen Habits: Petition against Under 13 Instagram: @healthyscreenhabits.
  • Rethink Words:
  • works with grade schools to educate students on how to be an upstander, an ally, and recognize that people doing bullying have “a full balloon”
  • Gabb Wireless is great for kids-looks like a smartphone and allows calls, texts. take photos, etc. but no apps or internet
  • Gryphon and OpenDNS (free) are helpful for parent controls, and the “Gryphon” router combined with Gryphon home bound for mobile device as a great hardware/software options
  • Childhood 2.0: Bark is great, and they have produced a wonderful documentary called Childhood 2.0, available on YouTube.
  • Sameer Hinduja: If you google "Transparency Report" and the name of an app - if they have such a report, it will turn up (and more companies are releasing this) - those reports give you numbers related to problematic content, manual takedowns, automatic (algorithmic-based) takedowns, etc. (Caveat From Sarah T. Roberts (UCLA//C2i2): Firms’ transparency reports are self-reported.)

Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5) video:

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: A video contribution from Rep. Josh Gottheimer, which could not be played at the symposium due to technical difficulties.

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