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Bloomberg BNA Talks Deaf Discrimination With Eisenberg & Baum, LLP

Eisenberg & Baum Law Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing was recently featured in Bloomberg BNA’s “Health Law Reporter.” Partners Eric M. Baum and Andrew Rozynski were interviewed about the work the firm does representing the plaintiffs in… Read More
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Gender Pay Gap Illustration: Woman Behind Men on Stairs

Top 10 Industries with Largest Gender Pay Gaps

Do you ever wonder how much you make, compared to others in your industry? Men and women may be surprised to find out the top 10 industries that continue to struggle with a large gender pay gap. In this blog, I will review a recent PayScale study ana… Read More
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Hand writing follow the guidelines

New Guidance on Employment Harassment Law

How do you know what your employer is supposed to do to prevent employment harassment? Is there anything you can do to show employers what they should be doing without filing a complaint? The new EEOC proposed guidance is a good place to start. In th… Read More
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LGBT Employee Rights

7th Circuit Court Upholds Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claims

Can an employee sue her employer for sexual orientation discrimination? A recent decision by the the entire bench of the 7th Circuit said that Title VII’s prohibition against sex discrimination necessarily included sexual orientation discrimina… Read More
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Hand on bible - swearing in

Neil Gorsuch on Employment Discrimination — What His Confirmation Means for the Future

On April 10, 2017, Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as the 113th Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Find out what that means for employment discrimination cases filed by women, LGBT, and disabled workers. In this blog post I will review some… Read More
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Gavel: 11th Circuit Court Decision

11th Circuit Court Says No to Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claim

A recent U.S. Court of Appeals decision has cast a shadow over the sexual orientation discrimination claims of gay and lesbian employees nationwide. Find out what the case does and doesn’t say about same-sex gender stereotype discrimination in… Read More
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EEOC's mission represented by Equal Opportunity word cloud

What Does the EEOC Do?

A lot of people have heard of the EEOC, but like many government agencies, it isn’t always clear what falls within the organization’s charge. If you are like many people you may be wondering “What does the EEOC do?” In this bl… Read More
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Diverse group of women who face discrimination at work

Four Ways Women Face Discrimination at Work: And How to Fight Them

In workplaces all across the country, subtle forms of discrimination go undetected, and unaddressed. Managers, supervisors, and coworkers can make their job sites better for everyone by fighting back against gender bias at the office, or on the line.… Read More
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Woman with Dreadlocks Smiling Because She Won a Workplace Harassment Lawsuit

Can I Win My Lawsuit for Workplace Harassment?

It’s one thing to feel like you are being harassed at work. It’s another to know you have a winning lawsuit for workplace harassment. Find out what makes a strong case, and what to do if you think you have one. In this blog I will review… Read More
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Woman looking into office file cabinet at professional records

How Professional Records Help Your Discrimination Lawsuit

The first step in a discrimination lawsuit starts before you ever leave work. By gathering your professional records ahead of time, you can fight back against victim blaming. Find out what you should know, and what you can do before even meeting with… Read More
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